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Highlights and Exclusions

TripTime® Highlights

(The following information includes a summary of certain provisions of TripTime® Insurance. You should always review your Certificate for a complete description of all terms and conditions. A sample Certificate can be accessed here.)

You’ve made your airline reservations, you’ve selected your hotel, you’ve put your dog in the kennel and you’ve forwarded the mail. Your international trip is just around the corner. Now it’s time to consider the risks you’ll face during your journey and choose an insurance plan that fits your specific needs. And in almost every case, that’s actually a really simple choice: it’s TripTime.

TripTime is proudly brought to you by Point Comfort Underwriters® (PCU)!

Features and Options

TripTime includes two popular plans – GoTime and PrimeTime.  GoTime is an economy plan that doesn’t scrimp on the benefits you need most when you’re far from home. You select your Deductible – from $0 to $2,500, and your maximum benefit – as high as $1,000,000.  PrimeTime includes enhanced benefits and higher limits, but is still very affordable.  Deductibles range from $0 to $5,000 and you can purchase a maximum benefit of up to $5,000,000.  Adventure Sports, Personal Equipment or Marine Activities options are available with both plans.  Only you can determine the plan that best fits with your travel plans and budget.

Medical Coverage

TripTime plans include coverage of most emergency medical expenses including doctors fees, hospitalization, surgery, diagnostic labs and x-rays, prescriptions,  durable medical equipment, home nursing care, emergency dental care and more.  And, all TripTime plans feature a virtual medicine system that allows you to access primary medical care any time, day or night, by telephone or internet connection.   

Transportation Coverage

TripTime plans will cover your transportation expenses under many emergency circumstances, including the following:

  • Local Ambulance                                      
  • Interfacility Ambulance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Reunion (transportation for a relative or friend to your bedside after Emergency Medical Evacuation)
  • Return of minor child(ren) plus the cost of an accompanying chaperone if appropriate
  • Pet Return
  • Trip Interruption – when and emergency at home interrupts your trip
  • Natural Disaster Coverage – replacement accommodations if disaster hits your destination before you arrive
  • Natural Disaster Evacuation – transportation to a safe place if disaster hits after you arrive to your destination
  • Political Evacuation and Repatriation – transportation to a safe place when political upheaval erupts
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains – transportation of your mortal remains…so your family doesn’t have to do it.

Lump Sum Benefits

Accidental Death, Accidental Dismemberment – two subjects no one likes to think about.  But it happens.  All TripTime plans include generous lump-sum benefits in the event of your Accidental Death or Dismemberment, and benefits double in the event of your death resulting from a common carrier accident. 

Adventure Sports Option

For a little bit extra, you can purchase coverage for your participation in Adventure Sports activities – from Absailing to Ziplining, and many activities in between.  Click on Adventure Sports for a complete list of covered activities.

Marine Activities Option

For those who love to be near water, on water or in water, the Marine Activities Option is a must.  It provides coverage for kite surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, Scuba to any depth you are qualified for, and riding a jet ski or similar personal watercraft.  We’ve added coverage for your Scuba equipment if it is lost in transport or stolen from you.  This is the best coverage available for water sport enthusiasts.


We hope your trip is safe, productive and enjoyable, but hey, we’re an insurance company…we’ve seen bad things happen on even the best trips. We’ve designed TripTime to be responsive to the risks international travelers take every time they pack their bags for a trip.  With over 100 years of combined experience, our dedicated staff, located in the international insurance center of Indianapolis, Indiana, is ready to serve you 24/7/365.

We understand the value and convenience of self-service, too, and that’s why we empower all TripTime customers through PCYOU, a personal travel insurance portal where you can handle most routine service needs quickly and easily from anywhere in the internet-connected world.

TripTime is supported by PCU’s emergency assistance personnel – some of the best and most experienced in the international insurance industry at coordinating emergency services and international treatment. We process claims from all over the world, in any language or currency, and we do it all with friendly, efficient courtesy.

TripTime® Exclusions

The following is a partial list of expenses that are not covered under Triptime® insurance. Other conditions and restrictions may apply to your claim. You should review your Certificate for a complete list of exclusions and all terms, conditions, provisions and restrictions.

Pre-existing Conditions except as expressly provided for in the Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition  provision of this insurance.

Expenses that are not presented to PCU within 60 days of the date the claim is incurred.

Proof of Claim  must be provided to PCU within 180 days of the date the claim is incurred.

Expenses incurred more than thirty (30) days following the date of onset of Illness or date of Injury are not covered unless you received covered services within thirty 30 days following the date of onset of  Illness or date of  Injury .

Services performed or supplies provided by the Insured Person’s Relative   or any person who ordinarily resides with the Insured Person.

Services or supplies provided at no cost to you and/or for which you are not otherwise liable.

Injury  and/or Illness sustained while under the influence of, or due wholly or partly to the effects of alcohol, liquor, intoxicating substance, narcotics or drugs, other than drugs prescribed by a Physician  and taken in accordance with the Physician’s  instructions, but not including drugs prescribed for the treatment of Substance Abuse .

Charges which exceed the Usual, Reasonable and Customary  charge for the service or supply provided.

Related in any way to birth defects, hereditary conditions and Congenital Disorder(s) , including any conditions arising out of or resulting therefrom.

Any service, supply, drug, treatment or procedure, that either diagnoses, promotes or prevents conception, insemination or birth, including without limitation, artificial insemination, contraceptives, treatment for infertility or impotency, vasectomy or reversal of vasectomy, sterilization or reversal of sterilization, surrogacy or abortion.

Any service, supply, drug, treatment or procedure that either diagnoses, promotes, enhances or corrects or attempts to diagnose, promote, enhance or correct impotency or sexual dysfunction.

Resulting from or relating, directly or indirectly, to pregnancy, including without limitation, pre-natal care, delivery, post-natal care, care of Newborns , complications of pregnancy, miscarriage, complications of delivery and/or complications related to Newborns .

Diagnosis and/or treatment of acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, moles, warts, skin tags, diseases of sebaceous glands, seborrhea, and hypertrophic and atrophic conditions of skin.

Non-surgical care, diagnosis and/or treatment or supplies for the feet, including without limitation, orthopedic shoes, orthopedic prescription devices to be attached to or placed in shoes, treatment of weak, strained, flat, unstable or unbalanced feet, metatarsalgia, bone spurs, hammer toes or bunions, corns, calluses or toenails, except as otherwise expressly set forth in this insurance.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of Mental Health Disorders .

Accidental Death  and/or  Accidental Dismemberment  resulting from or relating, directly or indirectly, or where there is a contribution from any of the following: (a) bodily or mental infirmity,  Illness or disease; or (b) infection, other than infection occurring simultaneously with and as a direct result of the Accidental   Injury .

Weight modification or any Inpatient,  Outpatient ,  Surgical Procedure or other treatment of obesity (including without limitation, morbid obesity), including without limitation, diagnostic tests and procedures, wiring of the teeth, all forms or procedures of bariatric Surgery , by whatever name called, or reversal thereof, including without limitation, intestinal bypass, gastric bypass, gastric banding, vertical banded gastroplasty, biliopancreatic diversion, duodenal switch or stomach reduction or stapling.

Modifications of the physical body in order to change or improve or attempt to change or improve the psychological, mental or emotional well-being of the Insured Person, including without limitation, sex-change Surgery  and  Surgery  relating to sexual performance or enhancement thereof.

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or hearing implants and for any diagnostic test or procedure, treatment, service or supply, or examination or fitting related to these devices or for eye refraction for any reason except as specifically provided for in the Emergency Eye Exam provision.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of the temporomandibular joint, including without limitation, TMJ syndrome, craniomandibular syndrome, chronic TMJ pain, orthognathic Surgery , Le-Fort Surgery  or splint.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of venereal disease, including all Sexually Transmitted Diseases  and conditions.

Routine Physical Exam  and treatment, including without limitation, vaccinations, immunizations, annual check-ups, the issue of medical certificates and attestations, and examinations as to suitability for employment or travel.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of Substance Abuse  or addiction or conditions that may be attributed to Substance Abuse  or addiction and direct consequences thereof.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of the following: HIV seropositivity to the AIDS virus,  AIDS related  Illness,  ARC  Syndrome and/or  AIDS.

Diagnostic tests and/or procedures, treatment, services or supplies that are not Medically Necessary , whether or not administered by or under the supervision of a Physician , and products that can be purchased without a Physician’s  prescription.

Surgeries, treatments, services or supplies for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, except for reconstructive Surgery  when such  Surgery  is Medically Necessary  and directly related to and/or follows Surgery  which was covered hereunder.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of any sleep disorder, including without limitation, sleep apnea and insomnia.

Diagnosis and/or treatment of any infection of the urinary tract, including without limitation, infection of the kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate or urethra, and any complication, medical condition or other  Illness resulting from or relating, directly or indirectly thereto, that occurs within ninety (90) days of the Certificate Effective Date  and that requires treatment of the Insured Person in a  Hospital as an  Inpatient.

Organ or tissue or other transplants and/or related services and supplies.

Any efforts to keep a donor alive for a transplant procedure.

Telephone consultations, except Virtual Medicine Consultations through an approved telemedicine protocol system

Failure to keep a scheduled appointment.

Surgeries , treatments, services or supplies that are  Investigational, Experimental, or for Research Purposes .

Speech, vocational, occupational, biofeedback, acupuncture, recreational, sleep or music therapy, holistic care of any nature, massage and kinesitherapy.

Services, supplies, or treatment for hair loss, including without limitation, wigs, hair transplants or any drug that promises to promote hair growth, whether or not prescribed by a Physician .

Hospice  care.

Genetic medicine, genetic testing, surveillance testing and/or wellness screening procedures for genetically predisposed conditions indicated by genetic medicine or genetic testing, including but not limited to amniocentesis, genetic screening, risk assessment, preventative and prophylactic Surgeries  recommended by genetic testing and/or any procedures used to determine genetic pre-disposition, provide genetic counseling, or administration of gene therapy.

Testing that attempts to measure aspects of an Insured Person mental ability, intelligence, aptitude, personality and stress management. Such testing may include, but is not limited to, psychometric, behavioral and educational testing.

Nonprescription drugs, medicines, vitamins, food extracts, or nutritional supplements; IV vitamin or herbal therapy, drugs or medicines not approved by the United States  Food and Drug Administration or which are considered “off-label” drug use, and for drugs or medicines not prescribed by a Physician.

Resulting from or relating, directly or indirectly, to epidemics, pandemics, public health emergencies, Natural Disasters or other disease outbreak conditions that may affect a person’s health when, prior to the Insured Person’s arrival to the affected location, the US Department of State issued a level 4 (do not travel) warning related to the disease outbreak condition. 

Resulting from or relating, directly or indirectly, to epidemics, pandemics, public health emergencies, Natural Disasters or other disease outbreak conditions that may affect a person’s health when, on or subsequent to the Insured Person’s arrival to the affected location, the US Department of State issued a Level 4 (do not travel) warning, and the Insured Person fails within a reasonable time, based on availability of appropriate transportation, and in no event more than 15 days (unless approved in advance by underwriters) or refuses to heed such warning and thereafter remains in the affected location.

Incurred in the Insured Person’s Home Country , except Eligible Medical Expenses  incurred during a covered Benefit Period or Incidental Trip Home.

Willfully self-inflicted Injury  or  Illness and/or suicide or attempted suicide whether sane or insane.

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from an Insured Person entering into or alighting from, operating or riding as a passenger in any motorized vehicle that does not require licensing as a motor vehicle.

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from an Insured Person’s operation of  any motorized vehicle without possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license, except while participating in a drivers’ education program. If the Insured Person has purchased the Marine Activities Option, this exclusion does not apply to Personal Watercraft that are operated without possession of  a  valid motor vehicle operator’s license in locations where such license is not required by local authorities.

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from an Insured Person entering into or alighting from, operating or riding as a passenger motorized vehicle not designed primarily for and licensed for (if licensure is required by local authorities) use on public streets and highways.  This exclusion does not apply to Personal Watercraft while operating in locations where licensing of Personal Watercraft is not required by local authorities if the Insured Person has purchased the Marine Activities option.

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from an Insured Person’s operation of any vehicle, whether or not motorized, after consumption of intoxicating liquor or drugs in excess of the applicable blood/alcohol limit, other than drugs taken in accordance with a prescription and as directed by a  Physician . For purposes of this Exclusion, “vehicle” shall include without limitation, motorized devices regardless of whether or not a driver or operator license is required (including watercraft and aircraft) and non-motorized bicycles and scooters for which no permit or license is required.

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from the Insured Person’s participation in  Contact Sports,  Amateur Athletics,  Professional Athletics,  Extreme Sports or Adventure Sports unless the Insured Person has purchased the Adventure Sports or Marine Activities option and such activities are covered under those options.This Exclusion does not apply to

  1. Recreational downhill or cross-country snow skiing or snowboarding providing such activity is not in any violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations or away from prepared and marked in-bound, patrolled territories or against the advice of the local ski school or local authoritative body.
  2. Recreational Scuba-diving or sub-aqua pursuits to depths of less than 10 meters (other exclusions may apply).

Resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from the Insured Person participation in any activity undertaken in disregard or against the recommendations of a Physician  or other healthcare professional.

Resulting or relating directly or indirectly, from an Insured Person’s participation in any Scuba-diving or sub-aqua pursuits if, during the immediately preceding twelve-month period the Insured Person has been treated as an Inpatient for any Mental Health Disorder, is on the waiting list or is scheduled for Inpatient treatment in a Hospital or any other medical facility, is Pregnant or has been given a terminal prognosis. This exclusion applies to all Insured Person’s, including Insured Persons under the Adventure Sports option and the Marine Activities option.

Resulting or relating directly or indirectly from the Insured Person’s participation in any Adventure Sport or Covered Water Sport involving any type of competition or record-breaking or training for such.

Resulting or relating directly or indirectly from an Insured Person’s participation in Scuba-diving or sub-aqua pursuits where a speargun or similar device is carried or used.

Resulting or relating directly or indirectly from an Insured Person’s participation in any Covered Water Sport at night.

Dental Treatment resulting or relating, directly or indirectly, from wear and tear of teeth due to cavities and/or chewing or biting down on hard objects such as, but not limited to, pencils, ice cubes, nuts, popcorn and hard candies.

Treatment of a dental Injury  without associated face, skull, neck and/or jaw Injury  or that can be evaluated and treated in a dental office.

Personal Liability caused in whole or in part:

By the Insured Person during any hunt or as a result of hunting.

Arising or resulting from the use of any firearms, fireworks, explosives, welding equipment, propane tanks, or other flammables, deadly weapons, or hazardous implements.

Pursuit of any trade, business, profession, or employment activity.

Ownership, possession, control, or occupation of any land or building.

Ownership, possession, control, or use of any automobile, motorcycle, ATV, off-road vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, parachute, parasail, glider, or any other motorized, gravity-induced, or self-propelled vehicle or craft of any kind.

Resulting from any fire, flood, wind, hail, water leak, gas leak, explosion, or other catastrophe or loss occurring in or about the residence or premises of any Relative, or in or about the residence or any other premises of which the Insured Person is the owner, lessee, invitee, licensee, occupant, or resident, or in or about any residence or premises which are contiguous or adjacent to any of the foregoing residences or premises.

Consequences of any breach, violation, or failure to perform any contractual undertakings or obligations of the Insured Person whether verbal or in writing.

Criminal or disciplinary proceedings, charges, arrests, indictments, or arraignments of any kind.

Gross negligence, fraud, bad faith, assault and battery, domestic disputes, and all other intentional torts or actions based or founded in tort without regard to how named or presented.

Fines, penalties, assessments, or claims by any governmental authorities or regulatory bodies including traffic fines or traffic violations or parking tickets, and the costs, fees, or expenses incurred by the Insured Person as a witness, custodian, or in any other non-party status in connection with responding to any order to appear in court, subpoena, subpoena duces tecum, notice of deposition, or any other nonparty legal or administrative proceeding or activity.

Contractual or employer’s liability or worker’s compensation claims.

Animals or pets belonging to the Insured Person or any Relative, or in the care, custody, or control of the Insured Person or any Relative.

Occurring while the Insured Person is, to any extent, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or due to the Insured Person’s use of drugs, prescription medicines, narcotics, or tranquilizers not medically prescribed for the Insured Person by a licensed Physician.

Caused by the Insured Person’s suicide or attempted suicide.

The Insured Person’s participation in gambling, gaming, or betting of any kind.

During the practice or participation of sports, recreational endeavors, or athletics either as a professional, amateur or novice, unless performed solely for recreational purposes

Contact Sports, Extreme Sports, Adventure Sports, Covered Water Sports or Professional Sports.