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By Jason Jourdan

Point Comfort Underwriters® is excited to announce the launch of our new travel insurance brand, Point Comfort Travel®, and our newly designed website –! Bringing a more user-friendly experience to our valued customers and producers, our new site makes it easier than ever before to cover your adventures!

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Customers can now easily start a quote, learn about each of our plans (TripTime®StudentTime®, and AnyTime®), access our social media feed, and login to their account from the homepage of the new site. We’ve worked hard to make sure each new feature is easy to access and navigate for both current and new customers.

Want to purchase a policy or get a quote? Point Comfort Travel will walk you through each step of the process, with plenty of information on each plan and what it covers. It’s now simple to view exactly what you’re purchasing, switch between plans, and review all your information. 


If you make a mistake or need to change your travel information or switch plans before purchasing, simply click the icons at the top (circled here in green) to choose which step you want to go back to. No clicking the “back” button 20 times!


Lost or looking for more information? You can easily access resources like our glossaryblog, and frequently asked questions by clicking on the “Resources” drop-down. Our glossary includes definitions for most terms you’ll need to know in order to understand your policy. If you still have questions, head on over to our new and improved FAQs page, featuring easier navigation and more questions (and answers!) than ever before.

As far as our new blog, well… if you’re reading this, you’re currently sampling it! Our new site allows easier access and better previews of our blog posts, so you can get the latest information on trip suggestions, industry trends, travel tips, and more. Make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.


We’ve also added a new plan to our Point Comfort Travel family of products: AnyTime Insurance. If you travel a lot, this is the plan for you. AnyTime lets you purchase one policy that covers you for an entire year of international travel. You can choose between AnyTime30 (for travel in increments of 30 days or less) or AnyTime45 (for travel in increments of 45 days or less.)

With a new plan, new brand, and new site, Point Comfort Travel makes buying your travel insurance faster and easier than ever. Check it out today and see just how easy it is to cover your adventures with Point Comfort Travel!