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International Couple Destinations

By Jason Jourdan

Candy hearts and greeting cards bursting with romance (and cheese) adorn the retail shelves. Couples and singles alike prepare for Cupid’s big day out. Valentine’s Day in 2022 offers more than stale chocolates, cheesy one-liners, and wilting roses because the travel industry is back, baby! Like Eddie Money says, “I’ve got two tickets to paradise, won’t you pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight…” A memorable international getaway is a perfect gift for a significant other or perhaps some quality ‘me time.’ Don’t forget; it’s just as important to #loveyourself!

Couples’ travel improves relationships and boosts intimacy. The U.S. Travel Association conducted a survey reporting 86% of respondents believe travel strengthens their romance. The study says couples who share similar goals maintain good balance and communicate better with their partner. Dedicating time alone can increase the length of a couples’ relationship and reduce divorce rates.

Travel is also proven to ignite positivity when couples experience unique things together. Travel and Leisure posted a list of international destinations vacationers in love should add to their lists:

–       Bali, Indonesia

–       Santorini, Greece

–       Tulum, Mexico

–       Whistler, Canada

–       Hakone, Japan

These Valentine’s Day hotspots encourage alone time between partners and offer exquisite culture, scenery, and culinary delights. Planet Ware recommends Kokomo Island in Fiji, a five-star all-inclusive resort featuring a rainforest shower, soaking tub, infinity pool, and butler service. The Kokomo is a known hideaway favorite of honeymooners.

Absent an amorous partner? Missing a ‘ride or die’ travel companion? Travel and Leisure suggests spicing things up with the 20 Best Countries for Solo Travelers:

–       Iceland

–       Costa Rica

–       New Zealand

–       Switzerland

–       Netherlands

–       Spain

Travel blogger, Efia Sulter, describes her favorite solo travel activities: 

–       Write in a journal

–       Go on a bike tour

–       Attend a music festival

–       Check out local events

–       Head to a museum or exhibition

One highlight from her list is a recommendation for singles to date in foreign countries. After the prerequisite social media stalking and further appropriate vetting, singles who travel should enjoy their best lives too!

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