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Chapter 1: Optimism, Ages 22-40, and Dream Destinations

By Jason Jourdan

The first chapter in the book of 2022 finds the new year awash with fluctuating travel policies, sanitizing policies, and excited travelers eager to move on and get back to real life. According to ABC News, travelers have good news as the UK recently lifted COVID restrictions and will soon eliminate travel test requirements for the vaccinated. Other nations expect to follow the course as vacationers across the globe stand packed and ready – especially, Millennials.

Many in the Y2K generation view a new year as an ideal opportunity to plan international vacations and adventures with friends and family. In fact, “travel more” ranks high among the most stated New Year’s resolutions. In a recent study released by Y Pulse, 27% of Americans feel more confident about traveling, and 33% report the safety precautions taken by airlines will impact their chosen destination. Overall, the pandemic hindered only 36% of Americans’ travel plans in 2021. The rising optimism of 2022 gives Millennial travelers the incentive to make this the year of their dream destinations!

An article published by The Wandering RV indicated some of the top dream destinations of Millennials:

–       Bora Bora

–       Saint Martin

–       Denpasar, Indonesia

–       Dublin, Ireland

Millennial travelers are lighting up the popular hot spots, many of which have been on the top lists of international destination favorites since 2018:

–       France

–       Spain

–       China

–       Italy

–       Turkey

–       Mexico

–       Germany

–       Thailand

–       United Kingdom

What exactly makes these locations so appealing to vacationers in the age range between 22-40? Perhaps a look at the most popular activities associated with top destinations will tell the tale.

From the Seine River Cruise to the Artists’ Villages, Adventuring in France has Millennials unleashing their inner ‘Emily in Paris’ and soaring over the moon for the city of love!

Culture Trip released 20 Things To Do In Paris In Your 20s, and their list included the following:

–       Discover secret bars and pop-up venues

–       Party in the streets of Fête de la Musique

–       Watch a movie under the stars at the open-air cinema, Parc de la Villette

–       Visit Disneyland

–       Find inner peace with yoga in the Tuileries

The Crazy Tourist describes ‘25 things to do in Spain’ like a visit to the Church of the Sacred Family, a high-end dining experience in Picos de Europa, or a stroll through the three most notable art museums in the Gold Triangle of Art in Madrid. There are also unforgettable partying experiences in Ibiza, one of the nearby Baltic islands.

While Spain ranks high on the list of vacation destinations, the most favored among Millennials is Japan. Japan is the most cited nation travelers hope to visit in their lifetime. The uniqueness of the Japanese culture and its landscape offers many experiences for visitors, such as:

–       Hike the Jumano Kodo Trail

–       Soak in an Onsen, a traditional Japanese hot spring (beware it is communal!)

–       Japanese cuisine food tours

–       Ancient shrines and temples

–       Photograph snow monkeys in Jigokudani Park

Anime and Manga are increasingly popular among Millennials and Gen Zers. Many are inspired to visit the birthplace of these cultural phenomena. Unfortunately, COVID-19 canceled several beloved conventions celebrating the artforms like Comic-Con Okinawa, Anime Japan, and Comic Market. Hopeful fans eagerly await a return to form of these favorite events.

Millennials are writing the story of their 2022 travel plans and adventures daily. Astute readers and tourists can avoid the tales of woe and international trip disasters like the Lost Wallet of the MediterraneanCafé of the Choking Croissant, and Flight of the Furries! Point Comfort Travel Insurance policies skip the disaster chapters with reliable coverage that’s fast, simple, and secure. Travel the world with ease, and experience the benefits of Point Comfort:

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