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By Jason Jourdan

The pandemic continues to change the way people travel. Nations across the globe are requiring visitors to comply with proof of vaccination, negative COVID testing, and minimum travel insurance coverage mandates. Travel restrictions are creeping back into the conversation as COVID lingers like an uninvited party guest who won’t leave, drinks all the best booze, and pukes in your neighbor’s koi pond.

Despite the evolving state of COVID restrictions and entry requirements of various countries, more than 80% of bookings in 2021 were international destinations. A commonality among these bookings is the inclusion of travel medical insurance. Policy sales increased 53% in the days following the discovery of the Omicron variant. Senior travelers are still less likely to travel outside of the U.S., while younger travelers are willing to navigate travel abroad. Prior to the onset of restricted travel, tourists over 50 were the dominant demographic purchasing travel insurance. COVID flips the script as those under 50 are now buying more policies.

According to recent surveys, the most common reasons cited for the purchase of travel medical insurance include:

·      Protect Vacation Investment

·      Safeguard Against Mishaps

·      Sports & Activities Coverage

·      Overseas Medical Emergency Coverage

·      Organizations Endorse Travel Medical Insurance:

–     U.S. Department of State

–     Center for Disease Control

–     World Health Organization

·       Natural Disaster Protection

·       Pandemic-Related Benefits

·       Easily Available & Affordable

– Travel medical insurance covers costs related to unexpected illness, injury, or medical conditions and provides reimbursement up to the limits outlined in most plans. An injury or hospital stay abroad can mean crushing medical bills without proper coverage.

Knowing the coverage of one’s plan is vital, especially when traveling outside the country. Most U.S. health plans have limited to no coverage outside the United States. Medicare, with rare exceptions, doesn’t offer insurance beyond U.S. borders. Seniors should always have good medical benefits in place when traveling internationally.

An illness or injury can ruin a trip. Most travel medical insurance plans offer coverage for related costs such as:

Ambulance Service

Physician Bills

Hospital/ER Charges

Exams/Treatments, Testing, X-Rays


Dental Care

The travel medical insurance plans provide primary or secondary coverage depending on customer needs. As primary coverage, it pays before any existing health plans. If purchased as secondary coverage, the current health insurance pays first. Traveling abroad places any secondary policy into the primary coverage position due to the absence of other valid insurance.

Overseas travelers will want to familiarize themselves with the level of coverage provided by their policies. If COVID coverage is a concern, it’s essential to confirm COVID coverage before purchasing a plan. Medical coverage for COVID usually falls within the limits of most insurers’ benefits packages, while others offer specific COVID policies. These packages cover medical costs like doctor bills, medications, and hospitalization associated with contracting COVID during a trip.

Another key benefit to consider is emergency evacuation insurance. Adventurers drawn to remote destinations will find this invaluable as the cost for transport to a medical facility or a return trip to the U.S. can be astronomical.

Nearly all travel insurance companies provide free online quotes. Comparing pricing from multiple insurers is the best way to purchase an affordable plan with the right level of coverage.

Travel medical insurance costs are estimated based on these factors:

  • Traveler’s Age
  • Trip Length
  • Coverage Limits

Selecting a plan with coverage based upon the type of trip will also aid in obtaining travel insurance coverage. The experts at Point Comfort Travel offer guidance ensuring purchasing the right policy and level of coverage. Point Comfort Travel Insurance safeguards tourists against the risk of unseen occurrences, including:

·      Covid-19 medical expense coverage up to the policy maximum

·      Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

·      Emergency medical reunion

·      Return of minor child

·      Emergency traveler assistance

Travel Medical Insurance looks good on everyone. Peace of mind coverage is easy, fast, secure, and good for you! Spread the word about the protection of Point Comfort® Travel and share your adventures online.

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