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Changing the world, a trip at a time

By Jason Jourdan

In celebration of Women’s History Month, let’s examine the influence and leadership women are contributing to the travel industry. For starters, they make up the bulk of domestic and international travelers and the majority of the tourism workforce. Women are emerging as business owners, innovators, and leaders who are challenging the status quo and harnessing tourism as a means of empowering meaningful travel experiences.

Supporting women’s role in tourism are organizations like Women in Travel (CIC), which invest in the global travel industry and its ability to provide women with economic and personal growth opportunities.

Many larger tour companies are adding women-only offerings designed to inspire women of all ages to explore the world together. Women-only travel offers group safety to singles, mothers, divorcees, widows, and lesbian couples. Women are finding camaraderie by connecting with other female travelers on forums and Facebook communities like Solo Female Travelers, a group of 65,000 solo-travelers.

Women-only tour agencies are a growing aspect of the recovering travel industry. More women-owned and operated companies are lending their voices to an increasingly more inclusive and sustainable future:

Wanderlust and Lipstick


Sights and Soul Travels

Cementing women-only travel’s rising popularity, BuzzFeed assembled its list of 10 Really Great Travel Groups for Women Who Love to Travel.

Women are leading efforts in ecotourism and socially responsible travel to make many changes and improvements the tourism industry needs to move forward. Whether mentoring the next generation of female leaders or providing a multitude of employment opportunities, women are transforming the travel industry’s landscape.

Social Impact travel media company World Footprints has a recent article on women making influential contributions to tourism. These stories highlight the necessity for initiatives to encourage more women to enter the tourism industry, as they often turn out to be game-changers and innovators!

Travelers of every stripe should take extra precautions before planning their next trip of personal discovery. Refer to government advisories and be sure to include the coverage of international travel medical insurance from an experienced provider like Point Comfort®. No ladies-only trip will be complete without insurance benefits for a range of contingencies, including:

  • COVID-19 Medical Expense Coverage up to $100,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Return of Minor Child
  • Local Burial or Cremation

Point Comfort® celebrates International Women’s Month with benefits plans to empower women’s role as leaders and innovators in the travel industry!

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