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You don't have to be rich to see the world

By Jason Jourdan

Traveling the world on a limited budget is possible. The world is calling! It begins with a change in mindset. With research, patience, and a sprinkle of frugality, you can make your travel dreams a reality.

Saving money for a trip doesn’t require you to give up everything. Pick your favorites little rewards and look for other areas to make personal budget cuts. Cancel streaming subscriptions, cook more meals at home, take the bus or ride your bike to save on gas. Making slight adjustments while still allowing for the occasional treat will help save money and your sanity! Life is far too short to suffer through without a honey almond cold brew! Here are a few essential tips to consider when saving for a trip:

  • Trim monthly budget
  • Pay off debt
  • Sell stuff
  • Pick up extra shifts
  • Work a side-hustle
  • Shop for deals

Finding the best deals for an international trip on a budget requires preparation. In the global pandemic era, that also means checking everything from CDC travel restrictions to verifying safety protocols before booking accommodations. Vaccines and increased safety measures are indicating a more promising back half of 2021 for travel.

Research firm, Destination Analysts has data on people’s perception of safe travel during COVID-19. As indicated by a February poll showing 52 percent of Americans are making travel plans over the next three months, conditions are moving in the right direction.

The travel industry is responding with an increase in affordable deals. A myriad of trip providers, airlines, and hotels are offering discounts to incentivize vacationers. Most airlines have all but eliminated change fees through March. Experts say to act now to find the best deals on international travel as most prices will likely increase toward the later part of this year and beyond. Book with caution and remember your research. Airlines and hotels will gladly sell to you whether you can legally enter your destination country or not.

This last year has been rife with fluctuating travel requirements. Spending time figuring out what’s mandatory or optional is hardly anyone’s idea of fun. An experienced travel agent can take care of all of this and save you money! Most trip advisors don’t charge fees and offer a treasure trove of time and money-saving tips.

For the truly frugal and flexible, there are a plethora of resources where you can gain additional insights into saving and planning and make connections with fellow travelers, share experiences, and discover new destinations to feed your wanderlust. To travel on the cheap, you can learn to sleep in airports or find ways to fund your adventures as you go! The following are some of the best sites for planning your next trip:

Lonely Planet

Budget Places

Sleeping in Airports


Airfare Watchdog

Trip Advisor

Budget Travel

Travellers Point

Aside from great online communities, tips, deals, and more, these sites advocate for travel medical insurance. There are simply some expenses you shouldn’t compromise. Even the most prepared vacationer can encounter a bump or two when traveling. From additional costs to pay for COVID-19 testing to visit your destination or experiencing illness or some other form of calamity, it pays to have a trusted international travel medical insurance provider like Point Comfort® in your corner. Point Comfort® offers frugal travelers affordable benefits plans for a range of contingencies, including:

  • COVID-19 Medical Expense Coverage up to $100,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Return of Minor Child
  • Local Burial or Cremation

The budget-minded traveler plans ahead to save money with the affordable protection of Point Comfort®  International Travel Medical Insurance.

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