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Still an Adventure for All Ages

By Jason Jourdan

International travel is still a viable possibility for families looking to shake off their lock-down fever.  Summer travel looks to be the hottest ticket. Thanks to the vaccination program instituted in the US and other nations, travel planning is a trending topic once more. Whether it’s sheltering-in-place fatigue or a desire to build memories and share an adventure with the kids, family vacation planners are making it happen!

President and CEO of Longwoods International Research, Amir Eylon, has stated his belief in the American mass vaccination program to impact the travel industry’s recovery significantly.

Longwoods research shows an increase of 16 percentage points since mid-January in the number of people planning to travel in the next six months. The current data suggest 81 percent will plan a trip, which is the highest number since the pandemic’s onset in March of 2020.

Airlines are responding to increased safety responsibilities with new technologies to expedite the verification of medical documentation. According to Condé Nast Traveler, carriers like United, Delta, and American Airlines have launched apps and online resource centers to provide COVID-19 travel requirements, identify testing centers, schedule testing appointments, and upload medical documents to ensure passengers of all ages can efficiently meet travel-ready medical standards.  

Families planning trips abroad will still want to take precautions and essential safety measures families when preparing to travel for the healthiest and safest trip possible. Trips with Tykes has published a list of tips for international travel with kids During the COVID-19 Pandemic. These include helpful insights into things like planning for flight connections and the practice of mask-wearing to the value of seat upgrades and expecting new and different travel procedures.

The travel-ready family will find a world of destinations waiting for them. Despite the restrictions on popular well-traveled destinations like Europe, there are many opportunities for more amazing memories to be found in places like the recently reopened Caribbean countries of Jamaica and Saint Lucia. The US Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, and Cuba have announced opening dates in June through September. 

Popular family travel site, Roam, has released their 21 COVID-Safe Family Adventures for 2021, compiled from tips and recommendations from their community of parent adventurers. Their list of family-friendly destinations and experiences abroad includes diving in Moorea, swimming in Barbados, and snorkeling in Bermuda. For families seeking more of a walk on the wild side, Roam recommends Costa Rica for its national parks, reserves, and indigenous wildlife refuges. High praise goes to Rwanda for its once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a genuine African safari. Kids aged 15 and older can see the gorillas of Rwanda in the wild!

The decision to travel abroad with family during the COVID-19 outbreak is a personal one. Family adventurers have many destinations to choose from and a myriad of safety precautions to consider. The key to navigating through international travel uncertainty is to remain calm, informed, and prepared.

Observing the latest CDC guidelines and passenger mandates for COVID-19 testing and documentation is an essential first step for families to get themselves travel-ready. Quarantine restrictions going to and from destinations will add time and expense to many trips. Families should plan to be tested 1-3 before travel and understand that even vaccinated travelers will be required to wear masks. Masks and social distancing guidelines are a non-negotiable part of any travel experience, and so is travel insurance.

Even though vaccine programs are underway, there are still risks containing the pandemic, which could change quickly. Families traveling over-seas must be especially vigilant in making sure their insurance plan covers incidents related to COVID-19. Experienced providers like Point Comfort® provide many family vacationers with the protection they need to enjoy their adventures abroad.

With expertise and medical expense coverage for Covid-19 up to $100,000, Point Comfort® plans include benefits for a range of contingencies, including Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Emergency Medical Reunion, Return of Minor Child, and Local Burial or Cremation. Most standard domestic policies have minimal to no international coverage.

Family Vacation Planners are ready to go! Point Comfort®  International Travel Medical Insurance is the informed choice for the safety and protection of adventurers of all ages!

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