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Travel dreams become a reality.

By Jason Jourdan

Humanist philosopher, Rumi, wrote “Wake up! This world that you dream holds nothing to fear.” This perpetual Monday we’re globally enduring has many of us longing for a sense of normalcy that seems only to exist in dreams. In an era when a trip to the office or the classroom is akin to destination travel, it’s easy to imagine people fantasizing about truly exotic locales! After all, dreams of travel suggest a yearning for change, opportunity, discovery, and exploration. If the ailment is lock-down, International travel may be the cure. World travel motivates and inspires us to take on new challenges and discover skills we never knew we had. Some people learn new languages, deepen relationships, and even discover things about themselves.

Aside from escaping our COVID-induced cocoons, travel abroad can be beneficial to your mental, emotional, and physical health. A Better by Today feature offers five scientifically proven benefits to international travel range from lowering your heart disease risk to stress relief. Travel can decrease feelings of anxiety, and the act of planning a trip increases feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Instances of depression in the U.S. are on the rise due to the pandemic. Travel emerges as a healthier alternative to overprescribed medications.

International travel is possible outside of dreams, even in 2021. Fulfilling your world travel dreams will necessitate experienced guidance. The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) maintains a database allowing you to search for an advisor by destination or any number of tailored factors. You’ll also want a trusted advisor when it comes to the protection of travel insurance. Point Comfort® offers expertise and medical expense coverage for Covid-19 up to $100,000. If you contract the dream-spoiler or have another medical issue while you’re abroad, most domestic policies have minimal to no coverage internationally. Point Comfort® plans include benefits for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Emergency Medical Reunion, Return of Minor Child, and Local Burial or Cremation.

Dare to dream of an exotic locale or bucket-list-worthy destination. The travel industry recognizes the importance of working together. Flexible packages, increased safety protocols, and medical insurance product innovations like the ones offered by Point Comfort® are here to make your world travel dreams come true!

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