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By Tone Daley

Aircraft Fogging
Aircraft Fogging

by Tone Daley

If you are anything like me, international travel is part of your DNA. And, the modern aircraft is our mode of transportation. So, it makes sense for us to look at what the airlines are doing to protect us should we decide to stick our toes into international waters.

For my money, Delta Airlines is the #1 US company for air travel. But, don’t take my word for it. The Wall Street Journal’s 2019 airline rankings made Delta #1 and Forbes has named them the best of 2020 so far, including their handling of the pandemic. Here are some internal links to the latest steps they have taken to lead the way back to air travel and do it safely.

Delta – Coronavirus Update Center: 
Delta –  Aircraft Sanitation:         
Delta –  Air Filtration in Cabins:  

Even with all the work airlines are doing to protect us, your personal safety largely depends on your adherence to some basics rules that will help you avoid infection and infecting others. Once your destination country opens its borders to foreigners and you have confirmed their entry requirements and quarantine policy. Next, select your preferred airline and make a reservation. When it’s time to travel, have plenty of disinfectant solution & wipes (no passionfruit scent, please) and a supply of masks. Out of respect for those around you and in an effort to protect yourself from this very contagious virus, here are the basics you should follow while traveling by air.

·       Put on a mask before you enter the airline terminal

·       Keep your mask on throughout the entire transportation experience

·       Assume that all surfaces are a transmission risk

·       Wash your hands after interaction with any surface, person or foreign object

·       After boarding plane, wipe down your seat, tray and all surfaces

·       When you get you bag(s) at luggage claim, wipe down all handles before touching

·       You will wipe down your entire bag once you arrive at your final destination

You have arrived at your destination and wiped down your luggage with disinfectant. What more can you do to further protect yourself from this monster?

You should always be wary of the bedspreads in hotel rooms. While a hotel will wash and change the sheets regularly, the same cannot be said for the bedspreads. Bedspreads that have no stains might not get washed, ever. So, we recommend just putting it in the corner of the room before you lay any personal belongs or yourself on the bed.

Remote Control
Legend has it that the dirtiest thing in a hotel room is the remote control. Almost everything else is normally cleaned when the bedsheets are changed, but this item is always the same. Therefore, it’s best to cover it with a plastic bag or a shower cap from the bathroom. 

Unfortunately, hotels won’t give you a cup for your toothbrush and placing it elsewhere is not hygienic. Even if they clean the place all the time, you can never know. Luckily, you can just grab a paper cup, cut a hole in the middle of the bottom and put your toothbrush through the hole. Now, it won’t be touching any surfaces.

Safe travel depends on all of us doing our part to reduce the risk of spreading this disease, Responsible travel begins with us. The sacrifice is minimal compared to the rewards that await you.