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By Jason Jourdan

You’re traveling through Europe. The sights are amazing. The food is great. Suddenly you cannot swallow. You look in the mirror….blisters on the throat and tongue.

Do I have strep throat? Is it because of the spicy food I ate for dinner? Can I wait it out?

We hear about this happening time and time again. Maybe you forgot to purchase travel medical insurance and are worried about cost. Maybe your immune system is able to fight what ails you without intervention so you’re going to “tough it out.” Maybe you’re not even sure where to go.

“Healthcare in Europe is free” is a common misconception among travelers. Europe’s universal health care means that everyone has access to treatment – including foreigners. However, Europe’s universal health care does not mean that all treatment is free.

Universal health care is designed to allow direct access to health care services and residents of each country pay as a society. If you are not a resident of the country in which you seek treatment, expect to pay for your services.

This is where Triptime® comes in. Triptime® Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind when traveling. Triptime® will ensure you have coverage for medical needs while traveling abroad and we have dedicated staff to help you traverse foreign medical systems with ease.