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Time to Start Planning Your Next International Trip

by Tone Daley


The US Department of State’s (US DoS) Level 4 international Travel Alert (do not travel) has been cancelled. The mandatory nationwide 14-day quarantine for US citizens returning from abroad is no longer in force. The US DoS asks returning travelers to follow CDC guidelines and adhere to their home state’s requirement for self-isolation. In areas of the country where the virus is under control, folks retuning from other parts of the world may have no quarantine requirements, other states may have stricter mandates. What this means for international travel remains unclear because the rest of the world is still fearful of US visitors.

But one thing is for sure, those that choose to travel internationally will need to have travel insurance that covers them for the Coronavirus as well as other accidents and ailments that might befall them. In addition to proof of insurance coverage, most countries are requiring the traveler provide a copy of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of their arrival. Many host nations have extensive questionnaires asking about symptoms, known exposures and other questions pertaining to your risk for having the virus. Countries also have different levels of required isolation for arriving visitors. If you go to more than one country you may encounter additional restrictions that could sideline your sightseeing, educational plans or business trip.

The virus is likely to remain a threat for many months to come. Global travel will slowly expand from its current anemic level. Digital nomads, international students and commercial travel will  lead the way. Planning a successful international trip in the time of the Coronavirus is a moving target, but doable if you are intelligent about it and do your homework. Sure, it will be harder, but not much more difficult than when we first had to remove our shoes before boarding a plane. Just wear a mask, sanitize, physically distance and know your destination requirements.

The number of international travelers purchasing travel insurance has increased by more than 50% since the beginning of the pandemic and likely to go higher. Having a reliable insurance partner will be mandatory for any future travel. Point Comfort® offers travel medical insurance that includes Coronavirus coverage from Lloyd’s with an A+ rating and emergency travel services from an industry leader. It would be their honor to help you plan and accompany you on your next international adventure. When insuring with Point Comfort® you can rest assured that you will have an expert travel insurance partner should you face a medical event. Visit their website at to obtain a quote for your next trip overseas. You can do it and Point Comfort® can help.

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