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Travel Insurance Required For Entry

Point Comfort Travel has the experience to play

By Tone Daley

Now for the insurance part,
Have it in place before you start.
Not all plans are the same,
In fact, some are quite lame.

What separates the wheat from the chaff?
It’s not by cutting the premiums in half.
It’s always something you don’t see,
Until you trip on a root and twist your knee.

A phone call is made, a machine answers without a smile,
Rest assured, those folks won’t go the extra mile.
What you need is a real human to take charge,
With compassion and knowledge to be the Sarge.

Point Comfort Travel has the experience to play
When the fog of the coronavirus fades away.
We are planning, training and improving each day
For our customers and the adventures they slay. 

No one wants to be forced to study and buy insurance. It’s viewed as a redundant burden, an additional expense, but future international travel will require you have it or stay home. Once international destinations open to US citizens again, foreign border control agents will require proof that US travelers have a travel medical insurance plan in place prior to entry. Many countries will require that those plans cover medical and transportation expenses associated with Covid-19 and its variants. Different countries will have varying levels of enforcement; however, this represents a major paradigm shift for international travel insurance companies and travelers.

The historical percentage of US citizens who purchase international travel insurance for trips abroad is under 30%. This is largely driven by the fact that Americans pay vast sums of money for private health plans. They believe their domestic plan can respond across time zones and in other languages when they fall in a vat of mayonnaise in Mali*. Truth is, they can’t find Mali on a map.

With an institutionalized requirement for international travel insurance, volumes should double over the next five years, sooner if we get a reliable Covid-19 vaccine. My message is to find a company you can trust, one that answers the phone with a smile. A company that has processes and systems in place to handle the sometimes-exotic requests from far off places. But, mostly you want a company filled with people that care about you. One with empowered folks that get things done when the pressure is on. We hope you choose Point Comfort Travel to protect you on your next international adventure.

* NOTE: Mali is not the mayonnaise capital of Africa, just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

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