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Can You Buy Value For $1 Or Less?

Get Some Value for a Buck or Less

When you think of investments, you typically think of things like the stock exchange and real estate. What if you could invest in something of real value for pennies per day? It's rare to find things of value to purchase for less than $1, outside of Triptime Insurance...which is as low as $0.77 per day.

For example...

Here's a list of things that are handy and are also a dollar or less:



First-Aid To Go Kit | $0.99

In case you want to stop the bleeding.


Image from

Lottery Ticket | $1.00

In case you want to gamble.


Image from

McDonald's Coffee | $1.00

In case you want to perk up.


Image from

A Slicer | $0.51

In case you want to make french fries.


Image from

Disposable Grocery Bag Holder | $0.85

In case you want to find a place for your bags of bags.


Image from


Triptime® Insurance | $0.77

In case you want to check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Cover Your Ass(ets)

As you see, you can get some value for a buck or less. Why not buy something of value for your whole self? With Triptime Insurance you'll be purchasing peace of mind, without breaking the bank.

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